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Testimonials and Reviews

Johnny O.
Damn good pizza, I tend to come here when I'm in town for work. . We had a simple pepperoni pizza and a spinach pie, Look forward to my next visit. Very chill location.
Debra E.
LOVE THIS PLACE! Food is soo good and the service is awesome. Stayed at the Modern across the street for 10 days and came here literally 8 out of 10 nights for dinner. Good food, good drinks, good service at a great price. What more can you ask for??? Definitely recommend this place and will go back next time I'm in Waikiki.
STAR ADVERTISER / Christie Wilson
The 10-inch Fresh Spinach and Garlic Pizza ($13.95) we ordered was tasty enough, although the heavy cheese topping smothered the flavors of the marquee ingredients. The same-size BBQ Chicken Pizza ($13.95) with four kinds of cheeses, red onion and cilantro was satisfying but didn’t break any new ground The pizzas’ thin crust was crispy without being brittle and held up well under the weight of the toppings. To mix it up, we also ordered Nachos Grande ($10.50) — pretty standard but with generous dollops of guacamole and sour cream for no extra cost — and a Chicken Caesar Salad ($9.95), which was a little skimpy on the lettuce. As the summer sun dropped below the horizon, we emerged from the bar relaxed and ready to forgive its shortcomings, even the flimsy paper plates. After all, if the Harbor Pub is good enough for Sig Hansen and his fellow “Deadliest Catch” skippers, who recently sidled up to the bar, then I guess it’s good enough for most. I’d stop by again if in the neighborhood or to take in the Friday night fireworks at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. I’m definitely going back for breakfast — the pub opens at 7 a.m.! — to try the highly recommended Eggs Benedict ($9.50). And don’t be fooled by the unauthorized website for “Harbor Pub & Pizza” started by a well- meaning fan. Harbor Pub just launched its own site, —Christie Wilson /
Greg M.
For the traveler in Waikiki, there are few places that cater to locals and those who don't consider themselves 'tourists'. Enter Harbor Pub and Pizza. We come from Portland where the dive bar is king, so we were really happy to find this little gem in and amongst the overpriced and froo-froo bars of the strip. The pizza is fabulous - we understand that their dough and sauce are made daily from scratch. On our second visit, we tried the house salad - which was equally awesome. The turkey sandwich was also amazing. The drinks were poured fairly strong, but not so much that it left you wondering if the mixers were simply splashed. I think what I appreciated most though was the atmosphere of this place - unassuming, dive-y and welcoming. No servers in ridiculous 'Hawaiian' themed outfits - just down to earth, hard working people with a passion for being themselves.
Koi H.
Ok I'm a bit bias because I've been going here forever, but if you want cold beer, great pub feel, and an unreal pizza, this is the place for you. Tips: Harbor combo is the best, Hot combo sub is second, Turkey avocado sub with cream cheese is third. ******************************************

Greg E.
Was chilling in Hawaii for a week and needed a place to grub. This place has some delicious pizza. If you're in the area and you're looking for a bite, give this place a try. I wouldn't do you wrong.
Amber L.
found this place through groupon. I couldnt pass up $25 worth of food for 12 bucks, so I bought it. And I must say it was a good decision! When we (me and my boyfriend) first walked in I gave Chris the look of where the F are we? Its dark and muggy and on the harbor old sailor hang out. Anyway, we found a seat and ordered some pizza and salads, i was not waiting for anything to spectacular, I just wanted to fill my stomach. We decided to go half bbq chicken half spinach garlic. Oh em gee the spinach garlic was to die for! the bbq was not so bad but the spinach and garlic, yes! But that is not the best part, i dont know what they do to that crust but it is damn good! I will for sure be heading back to this place the next time I have a craving for pizza!!
Mary Ellen O.
I just moved to Honolulu and some friends took me here after the Friday night beach fireworks on the beach. We just walked over to the harbor and I felt like I'd found my new "Cheers" type of place! Our waiter, John, was exceptionally patient in trying to accommodate one of our party's quirky dietary requests (not on the menu!) and trying to get the cook to work along with it too. I had the individual size pizza, a special that night, and it was excellent pizza, great crust. The other four women in the group were all happy with their food too. I had the house chardonnay, decent wine, good/reasonable (especially for Waikiki) prices on everything. That's because this is where the locals go, and the sailors literally sailing in. Everyone says the breakfasts here rock too, and it opens at 7:00 a.m. and gets packed. I am sure I"ll be back! Oh, and John the waiter also came to tell me someone wanted to buy me a drink, but wished to remain anonymous. How cool was that? We all were trying to figure out who it could have been! Mahalo to John, the cook and staff here. Go in and enjoy the laid back, lowdown ambience!
Scott H.
My buddy Mike's favorite bar in Oahu. Dive bar? Nah, there's no wet suits or scuba tanks here. Jeff the bartender is a great guy. Talkative, funny and full of stories. Paul, aka Mr Baseball, is the cook and full of all kinds of trivia. Definitely a New Jersey connection thing going on here. During the Pro Bowl festivities the 49er Knuckleheads always come here and put on a great show. The local live music they had here last time was also outstanding. The below sea level location across the street from the yacht harbor reminds you you're on an island. One of these days I'll have to really try the food. Mike and I can drink bar bottles of Bud here all night. And we always do. Aloha! ***************************************
Phu P.
Definitely a dive bar. The doors and windows were open to let in the trade winds. It didn't seem as dingy as it could've been. Bloody Mary's are pretty darn good. The mix didn't come from a bottle. The bartender mixed the ingredients and put in a healthy shot (close to 2 shots) of vodka. Spicy, yet not overpowering. I had biscuits with sausage gravy. I always get biscuits and sausage gravy when I see it on the menu and 90% of the time, it disappoints me. This stuff was GOOD. I haven't had such good biscuits and sausage gravy outside of the deep South. I got a side of bacon to supplement my pork intake for the day. It was crispy - good. But it wasn't warm - bad. My cousin had regular breakfast food - bacon, eggs, toast, potatoes. He liked it. It was reasonable in terms of price too. That's hard to find in Waikiki. I'd go back for sure
Sonia S.
I love me a good breakfast and I love me a rockin eggs benny...enter Harbor Pub. Been to HP for pizza and beers before, but breakfast? Yes! Daily from 7 am. Went in on a Sunday morning and it was jam packed. 45 minutes or so before our food arrived, but it was definitely worth it! We feasted on: *Biscuits and gravy ~ Mmmm, mmm, mmm! Sausage chunks in a smooth gravy served with 3 lightly buttered biscuits. I could eat an order of this by myself! That yummy. *Crab Cake Benedict ~ This was a special that day and I'm so glad I ordered it. 2 crab cake bennys served with a deliciously, rich, creamy hollandaise sauce and cheese. I opted home fries. Broke the mouth ono! This was executed well. I even told the table next to us to order it, but they had already run out by then...I thought of sharing my last piece, but...nnnnnah! *New York Steak and Eggs ~ 3 eggs with a nice sized, possibly 8 oz. portion of NY Steak. Seasoned to perfection. The steak was nice and juicy and just plain ol delicious! A dive, but Harbor Pub definitely satisfied my tastebuds.
Nathan N.
Great customer service. Colleen was not only hot, but also a great server! She said it was only her third day. Good job Mid-western transplant. Welcome to the Aloha State. This was my first time to Harbor Pub & Pizza. I'd have to say it was a mixed bag. I'm giving them 4-stars rounded up from 3.5-stars. 1-star: Parking is easy to find on the street. $1/hour. 2-stars: Customer service was excellent. 3-stars: Good variety of dishes on the menu. 3.5-stars: Harbor Pizza was tasty, but I think it was a bit under cooked. I had really pink pork chunks and the crust was very white. I worked for Papa John's and I've never seen a properly cooked crust without a golden color. I'm always eating pizza whenever I travel and this was the whitest crust I've ever seen. Overall, I think Harbor Pub could use some improvements. Like maybe booths that look to be designed for a grown adult and not children. I felt like I was sitting in a submarine's mess deck. Perhaps that's just part of the charm. A/C would have been appreciated today, but somehow the dining floor stayed pretty cool. Next time, I'll be checking out Happy Hour. *************************************
Jo H.
We went to Harbor Pub for breakfast. The restaurant faces the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor. Jane our server was very cordial and knowledgeable. She had the menu memorized and suggested items both from the menu and from the specials board. The food was great and it was served hot and quickly. The biscuits and gravy and eggs benedict were favorites. The restaurant was filled but there was no waiting. The owner also came out to help and greet the customers. There was no smell as mentioned in other reviews. Maybe there could have been the harbor smell during Kona weather. ***************************************
Janine L.
Located next to the Chart House- this is the best breakfast on Oahu. We had Loco Motion, Eggs Benedict, Crab omlette, Veggie omlette and biscuits and gravy- and since it was Saturday we had a Bloody Mary. Everything was yummy. I think my favorite thing was the biscuits and gravy and it wasn't because they were giant...but they were delicious!!! Also the English muffins were not your run of the mill type, but something really special. Definitely recommend you try this one!
Faye M.
Total dive bar, and I love it so much! This used to be a regular hang out for me & my co- workers...their pizzas are so delicious, I love their nachos, and their sandwiches are pretty good too! They added some TV screens, which was a good move (besides the ones at the bar), but who knows how long they've been's been years since before my "first" check in here! The staff are friendly and don't get mad if you and your friends get a little rowdy! The bathroom is a little questionable, but if you have to go, you have to go! Validated parking is $5, so you may be able to find an open metered parking under the Edition Hotel, and it would be cheaper.
Scott K.
I was just amazed at how crowded this place gets. Located under Chart House, this pub has the old skool look of a pub and its smells just as you would expect it to. Parking is on the street and during the Fri/Sat its $6 for all day. Thats a deal if you plan to hit the pub, then Lobby Bar across the street, then Crazy box in one night. You can also park in the structure and they validate but im not sure for how long. Pizza was the mission of the night. After ordering the pizza and the beers, we waited for no less than 30 minutes before they arrived. It was cool and he pizza is made to order and its brick oven so the crust and flavoring is awesome. I cant put it at the level of Bar 35 or V Lounge but its close. After popping in my lactaid, I was ready to sample it all. That I did and I didnt have to worry about paying for it later. Pizza are great and the crust does have a sweeter taste with the smoky brick oven taste. This bar gets crowded to its regulars and also keep in mind that if you go on a hot day, the ac can only keep that place cool for so long as its an open bar.
Christine L.
Harbor Pub is really a pub before anything else. i find it odd that people take their kids in their at night when all the drinking is going on. Bartneders here are awesome. They always remember your name and the service is excellent. I find the bitchy crew is in the morning. Hell, I'd be bitchy too if I was hungover and had to serve breakfast. Drinks here are strong, so eating is a must. Harbor has the best nachos ever. I eat them at least once a week. A half order is around $6 and HUGE. I always get extra cheese and jalapenos. MmMMMM. Pizza is good too but I cant eat a whole one so I usually don't order it. Best part of Harbor is you always see someone you know, no matter what point of the day you go. Always a fun spot for happy hour!
Mike C.
I was staying at the Hilton Nextdoor and I wanted to find a good drink that wasn't going to cost me an arm and a leg. That's how I stumbled apon this little gem. Cheap drinks, VERY NICE BARTENDERS, and great food. It was nice to find a bar with out all the UFC wannabees. While your there you'll meet some really nice locals and I'm sure you'll make some new friends, I know I did....
Randal P.
The pizza is very good here, especially when I use a 2 for 1 coupon from the Entertainment Book. I lived across the street at the Ilikai for fifteen years which made it convenient for me to stop by and bring one of those beautiful Air New Zealand flight attendants who stayed at the Ilikai during layovers. I'm salivating thinking about the pizza and flight attendants.
Kyle M.
I love dive bars, more importantly I love dive bars that specialize in one style of food and that's all you're getting. The harbor pub is a great escape from the overbearing tourist saturation in town. Wether the tourists are scared of dimly lit bars with a rouges gallery bellied up to the bar or the occasional cockroach is beyond me... either way they stay away. The drinks are more than fairly priced and it's one of the few places that will give you a proper drink rather than one measure out. The bartenders are awesome and super kind. If you sit at the bar ask for Jeff... that guy is one of the coolest drink slingers I've ever met. He's got stories for days and you'd do well to listen. Ask him about the time he swam out during a tsunami warning. One of the best bars and grub spots off the beaten path.
Jon K.
Sure, ok, I admit, not the best looking(or smelling) place on Oahu, BUT!!!! I love this place. As stated in reviews prior, great food and strong cheap drinks make this a winner automatically. If you are a local though, you really feel at home here, at least I do. The workers there are awesome, and Jeff is like a damn sports guru! most nights there is very little bar space so grab a table, service is ALWAYS prompt and overly friendly, but no in a kiss ass tip me more kinda way. BBQ Chicken Pizza ROCKS! The 4 Cheese pizza is awesome too. Go early for specials
Ryan G.
This dive is a great place to nurse a hangover and feast. It was only a few buildings down from our hotel room. Get there before 11am for breakfast. The ham steak and eggs combo and the egg's benedict were my two favorites.
Adrienne T
Upon entering, my boyfriend's first words were, "Yes, I like this place." Kudos to the rave-reviewed dive bar aura, cold beer, 1990s TVs and friendly service. We ordered the greek salad and pepperoni and bell pepper pizza. The crust was perfectly crisp and the sauce thick and sweet. Even the salad was fresh and flavorful. We'll definitely be back soon!
Greg W.
I am a parent of older teenagers and I agree with Krysten's parents. It is a cool place that served a hearty breakfast in the morning and great pub food in the evening with live music. My teens are use to me dragging them into non-chain restaurants, these places give another level of learning of the culture of the places we visit. We ate at pricey places on this trip and the ones that stand out to me are the nice genuine hostesses that serve local food to tourists and locals. Try this place, you will like it. *********************************
Lauren S.
I have been wanting to go to this place for some time and then purchased a $25 group on to really motivate myself to come out here. Finally had the opportunity last night and had a really good time here. It's definitely a little hole in the wall dive bar and it smells like sea and wood and a little musky but don't let the musk fool you. The grinds here are good and the pitchers of beer are mighty cheap. After two whiskey shots, a pitcher and cheese bread I was still only at like $20! The local crowd that comes out here are also really good people and no shame about walking up to other booths for some drunken talk story but you know? I really do love that about bars of Hawaii. Even when the guy attempts to bench press you because you're both union workers. *******************************
Allen B.
This place definitely has the PUB atmosphere with big booths for plenty of your friends and games playing on all the TV's. The best part however, was the great pizza and nachos. If you like pizza or nachos with plenty of cheese, then this is a place I recommend for you! We will definitely go back and explore the menu some more!!
Dennis S.
Been here a few times, the lasagna has lots of cheese. Nacholadas are good, kinda like a 7 layer. Good atmosphere. Come in on Thursday's for live local music.
Kiki M.
This place is perfect. Excellent food, great service, great prices, great location. Hubby & I ate dinner here 2 nights in a row b/c we couldn't stop fantasizing about the margarita pizza and beer from the night before. The sandwiches and salad the following night didn't disappoint.
iron.mouse c.
definitely one of my favorite places to eat and drink. the servers are super sassy and friendly "JANE", and the owner is really sweet, he buys me and my friend a round here and there. BEST breakfast, caesar salads, and pizza I've had in Hawaii. and it's right across the street from me. Wish I could go there more often, but too busy.
Greg S.
My favorite place to go have a drink in Honolulu. Hands down has the best staff of any bar in the area that I have been to. The food is amazing and the drinks well I haven't been dissapointed yet. If you want the experience you have to sit near or at the bar. ***********************
Karen G.
We were staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village so we yelped to see what was nearest since after an 11 hour flight we just needed to get something edible. This turned out to me more than edible. We ordered two large pizza, one margherita and another some sausage manly thing. It was good and tasty!!
John Traveller
Came in from a day of tourist routine and found a place full of real people - what a relief! Great atmosphere, good vibe, fresh cold beer and excellent pizza. Who could ask for more? Wouldn't bring the kids, but it's a BAR fer cryin out loud!
This little dive place is pretty good. I had the hot roast beef sandwich on rye and was impressed. I wasn't expecting much at first but was surprised. *******************************
Greg P.
Excellent pizza, friendly people. Kaitlin (sp?) was our waitress and she was very friendly and helpful. Next time we are in Waikiki, we'll be stopping in again. ************************
Open Table Diner
Come in for happy hour, have a pitcher of local beer and stay for the food - these guys really know how to cook a pizza! Prices are refreshingly affordable for the area. Everyone was friendly and very accomodating. Love the decore and the 1970's rock pumping. We'll definitely be back next time we're in Honolulu!
Basically, the Harbor Pub is a Home away from Home. Very few places that I've been around the World, opens its arms with as much Aloha as the Harbor Pub. Everyone from the Bartenders, Waiter/Waitress's and the always Steady and Powerful Kitchen where all the Magic happens. Sure some times a bit of the Flotsam and Jetsom washes in, but the energy, spirit, and Aloha simply washes everything and makes it clean for having a memorable time. Lest I not forget, the music on Thursday night from 7pm until 10/11pm. The frontman Andy and his bandmates are nothing short of Awesome. They play everything from vintage Hawaiian(sung in native tongue) to Top 50's,60's,70,80's and on. Aptly put, I have to catch myself sometimes and remember that I have many other projects on my plate, because the Harbor Pub is just that good that I could spend my weekends there every weekend and not tire of it. The perfect location for people watching, sunsets and Friday night fireworks. Aloha and Mahalo to the Terrific owners Rita and Michael.

Best Pizza. A guy on the corner gave us a coupon and said it was the 'best pizza in town' so we decided to check it out. It was!! We actually went back for a second night (and we were only in Honolulu for 6nights). If you're looking for cold beer and pizza in a laid back atmosphere this is definitely the place to go.

Service with a Smile. The pizza was fine and the Killian's Red (which the waitress suggested) was great, but the service made all the difference. She made us feel as if she'd known us for years. Casual, comfy atmosphere with locals and tourists alike; we'd hang out here more often if we lived here!